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Why I hate Waist Trainers - Man who hates it explains

From a man who hates waist training...
"I am a faithful man. I understand the beauty of a meaningful relationship, which is why I'vealways supported my girlfriend through her personal struggles and low self-esteem. I loved her through her flabs, stretch marks and big tummy. I tried not to let these flaws bother me. Soon enough, she took initiative and began to waist train. In three months she had metamorphosed into curvaceous goddess and I was proud to love this sexy and confident woman, until she decided she was too beautiful for a simple man like me and left me for my boss. 
Do you know how shameful it is to work for the man my woman left me for? I wish waist trainers never existed. I would still have my baby with me. 
Yours Sincerely,

Dear WaistTrainersSuck,

We are deeply sorry for the embarrassing misfortune that has occurred in your life. To beat waist trainers, you should consider joining the movement, so that you too can develop a sexy form, fit for goddesses. We also apologize for all the other relationships that have been ruined by the Instant transformation from0, to figure 8. We appeal to the lucky ladies, to stand by the men who stood by them though the days of bulging tummies and sagging skin. Waist training aims to enhance the female form, her confidence, as well as her relationship.

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