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7 Reasons You Should Date A Lawyer

If you have never given a thought about dating a lawyer, this post is going to come as a reminder that you might be missing out on something wonderful. Yes I know there are a whole lot of misconceptions about lawyers, but hey, you might want to check out these reasons why you might at least give a thought about dating a lawyer. So here we go:

1) You will be proud to introduce them as lawyers to your friends and family

Who wouldn't want to associate with the prestige and respect the legal profession commands? You wouldn't have to wait to be asked what he or she does; you will just have it rolling out of your mouth, though that’s not a guarantee of money rolling from them to your pocket. You will be proud to have a “learned” person as a date, and your family and friends will be so proud of you.

2) Dating a lawyer means you wouldn't have to pay for legal services 

Now you've got all your legal issues addressed for free. You don’t have to pay any consultation fee of any sort. You will have free legal services all to yourself. Now that is something to think about, because legal services these days
are not that affordable as it used to be.

3) Lawyers are known to be good dressers 

I know you wouldn't want to date folks who are horrible with their dressing. If that’s the case, then your chances of avoiding that could be reduced if you date a lawyer. Lawyers are generally known to be good dressers, probably because of the nature of the profession; where they are trained on how to dress.

4) Lawyers are known to be smart and intelligent

Wouldn't you want a partner you can make a good and intelligent conversation with? I bet you wouldn't want to be hanging around a mate who doesn't know the things happening around in their environment and can’t make intelligent conversation. Lawyers are known to have a wide source of knowledge of things happening around them in the society. Lawyers are also known to be avid readers, which exposes them to a lot of information. All these exposures, tend to make them more smart and intelligent than their mates.

5) Lawyers are good story tellers 

We all long to hear good stories every once in a while. Lawyers by the nature of their training know how to tell stories. Also, the nature of their work also makes it easy for them to come up with stories to tell. I mean, they are always in the center of human interaction and conflict resolution, and so they get to know and see stuff. Wouldn't you want some good stories every now and then?

6) Lawyers are good talkers 

Sometimes it can be sexy to be a good talker. You know you want to hang around people that you will be proud of when they open their mouth to talk. Lawyers are known to be good talkers, eloquent, and come off as intelligent when they talk. In fact, the greatest orators are known to be lawyers. So if you want to have such folks as a date, you better check out lawyers.

7) Lawyers will stand for you even if you are wrong 

Wouldn't you want somebody who will stick out for you even if you are wrong? If that’s what you are looking for, then look no further, because you will find that in lawyers. Lawyers by their training don’t just give in to stuffs without putting up some fight. So, if you have a lawyer as a date, you are sure of having someone who will stand by you whether you are wrong or right. Now tell me if you wouldn't want that?

Assuming you have never given a thought about dating a lawyer, now is the time to do that.

I dedicate this thread all my learned colleagues in NL: Females and Males- in no particular order tongue wink

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