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7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Taking Orange 7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Taking Orange

Orange is an important source of vitamin C. It is sweet and delicious while still staying through to its original medicinal and health benefits. It is the most popular citrus fruit and is consumed round the year.
Here are the top health benefits of taking orange.
1. Used to boost immunity
Did you know a medium-sized orange contains 72% of your daily required vitamin C? It is used in the body to fight against the free radicals generated in the body. It also reduces inflammation while it is another way to cure recurring cold and common infections, it also strengthens the body’s immune system.
2. Beneficial to the skin
While it could be used as an anti-ageing agent, it is also used to boost collagen production in the skin. Have you ever wondered why many beauty products have orange extract? It is because orange is of immense importance to them and can’t be over looked. It is also used to treat oily skin as well as a cure for Acne and blackheads.
3. Protects the eyes
Orange is equally rich in vitamin A and other flavonoid contents that keeps the mucus membranes in the eyes healthy. It is used to protect against macular degeneration, a vision related condition usually experienced at old age that causes blindness.
4. Good for diabetics
The body of One diagnosed with diabetes cannot absorb glucose into the blood because their cells cannot keep up or respond to the production of insulin. It is also great for those with diabetes who savor sweet taste. Since orange is sweet and delicious and they are not allowed to take sugary substances, orange is the next best thing for them as the rich fibre content has the ability to keep track of sugar in the body.
5. Used as hair treatment
Orange peel is effective for controlling dandruff as you can make it into a pulp and mix with your desired hair product. Orange itself contains vitamin C which is essential In the production of collagen which is used to keep the hair tissues together. It is safe to say that taking orange can prevent you from going bald.
6. Prevents Constipation
7. prevent heart disease
Orange is rich in potassium as it is an essential mineral that controls the way our heart functions. Taking orange as a juice also reduces the level of cholesterol in the body which is known to collate in the arteries and blood vessels and as such interrupting the flow of blood and oxygen round the body.
Now that you know the benefits of orange to the body, I hope you will increase your intake of orange.

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